H+M RISE Ventures
H+M RISE Ventures

Human + Machine RISE Ventures

Our Vision is to Unleash the Power of Human + Machine Forces to Create a Future with Greater Opportunities

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Our Principles

We believe Humans and Machines (software and physical) can coexist in symbiosis without Humans getting harmed or losing their jobs. Every business will need Machines to complement its workforce and every consumer will need Machines to improve their life, so we are investing in founders who are building the solutions to make that happen.

Human + Machine B2C and B2B Solutions in Robotics, IoT, AI & Enterprise Blockchain. Our initial filter is to identify Startups that… - Innovate With A Strong Intellectual Property Foundation - Fundamentally Shift Human Behavior - Define New Categories/whitespace - Solve Very High Pain Points So Customers Are Forced To Pay - Create A Network Effect
Our focus areas
  • Robotics
  • IOT
  • AI
  • Enterprise Blockchain
  • mobile
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